and Live Writer work together. How very cool.

I just found out that Live Writer supports BlogEngine.NET. With this plus the cool extension Code Snippet I now don’t have to deal with formatting the code entries. I think they look better too. One of the things driving this all however is that the RSS feed doesn’t seem to like my old code formatting. Check out the new style. I hope to update my older posts soon.

var changeSet = [];
var entityChange = {};
//Setting Id for entityChange, not the entity key but how the changeset tracks each change if there is more than one
entityChange.Id = 0;
entityChange.Entity = { '__type': "PocoEntity:#jQueryDemo.Web", 'EntityKey': 4, 'EntityData': 'Entity 4 Client Data' };
//Set the type of Operation to be performed on the Entity
//2 - insert
//3 - update
//4 - delete
entityChange.Operation = 2;
var changsetPayload = JSON.stringify({ "changeSet": changeSet });
//Create jQuery ajax request
var Params = {}
Params.type = "POST";
Params.url = 'jQueryDemo-Web-PocoDomainService.svc/JSON/' + 'SubmitChanges';
Params.dataType = "json"; = changsetPayload;
Params.contentType = "application/json"
Params.success = function (data) {
    //{"SubmitChangesResult":[{"Entity":{"__type":"PocoEntity:#jQueryDemo.Web","EntityData":"Entity 4 Client Data","EntityKey":"4"},"EntityActions":null,"HasMemberChanges":false,"Id":0,"Operation":2}]}
    for (i in data.SubmitChangesResult) {
        result = data.SubmitChangesResult[i];
        $('body').append('<p>' + result.Entity.EntityData + '</p>');
//Make the ajax request


Larry asked what settings I chose to connect to I chose Other services and then entered my website & admin user info. I was a little surprised myself that everything just lit up.